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Korn & Korn

Karwendelstr. 13
D-83607 Holzkirchen
Tel: +49 (0)8024 470587
Fax: +49 (0)8024 470586

Financial Fitness and Success Management

Korn & Korn is a leading supplier of educational training and seminars in holistic corporate analysis, value-based corporate finance and corporate valuation.

To support his clients in these areas Korn & Korn is co-developer of the software solution C-APP® ("Corporate Analysis, Projection, Presentation"), the leading software for holistic analysis of corporate financial data, the execution and plausibility checking of corporate projections as well as the preparation of strategic client presentations. For further information please refer to

In addition, Korn & Korn has adapted techniques of success management established in professional sports to suit the environment and needs of its target customers -banks and corporations-, and offers profound success and mental training aimed at enabling the participant to achieve his/her objectives. The VOM®- concept, developed by Korn & Korn, offers a world-wide unique combination of logic-rational corporate and financial management with profound education in mental control aimed at achieving the set-out objectives.